Korean Medical Center

I wanted to make a video talking about this but I can’t talk about it under 5 minutes:

So 3 of my muses have PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Yao(China), Hyo(North Korea), and Ren(South Korea). Yao obviously has it for different reasons then the twins but I’m going to explain why they have it(The Experience) How it effects them, and how they cope with this.

The Experience:

Yao: Yao’s isn’t any war type of situation. He was sent away to Mongolia as a gift to Mongolia to try to stop the terrorism. It didn’t work, and due to Yao not being the most obedient to people who are the same age as him, he was beaten and nearly killed several times(way too many times) in the years he was forced to be there

Hyo and Ren: These 2 had their traumatic experience together both getting it during the time of the Japanese occupation of Korea. They were both part of a resistance group which lead to a lot of dead and other traumatic experiences.

How it Effects them:

Yao: Yao will occasionally zone out but its never anything major. It leads to long stares into space as he relives his events but he doesn’t move or say anything.

Hyo: Hyo’s is the scarier one of the bunch. He will stop dead and do nothing at any moment. He could be walking around talking to someone then he’ll just stop dead. He will be silent until in his “visions”(as I will describe them as) something horrible happens then he’ll say things and move around but if you try to talk to him he won’t see you at all, if you physically touch him he’ll just freakishly flail because more likely than not nothing is touching him in what he is seeing so you touching him doesn’t make sense in his mind.

Ren: Ren’s acts up in his sleep. He’ll see the “visions” in his dreams and cling to the closest thing(and if its living) and suffocate it. Sorry Yong Soo(Ren’s Boyfriend) You might be suffocated some nights

How they Cope:

Yao: Yao uses things to do to cope with this. It acts up a lot when he might just be sitting around with nothing to do so he just FINDS something to do so nothing happens

Hyo: Hyo becomes possessive and obsessed with things. This is why he is a workaholic and also is(maybe unapparent) possessive of Laos.

Ren: Ren uses K-pop and other music. There’s something about the music that just kinda counters everything in his brain that’s like “You will now see visions” probably because a lot of music he listens to is very feel good high energy.  

I wanna have Ren stab someone today

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You know you made a new friend

when you are talking about throwing their muse’s head into the flames of Hell. 


don’t ask me what my favorite anything is unless you want me to have a stressful internal struggle for several minutes trying to decide

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Looking in double eyelid surgery:

due to having a SK muse(not cause I want it. I’m not Asian or anything and its a lot more apparent in Asian cultures). Cause I have heard of it but I wasn’t exactly sure of what it was. So I looked it up..and thought about how it made their eyes bigger(probably the entire purpose of the surgery) and thought of what if a white person got it would their eyes look like huge? 

Then again I also looked at the alternative double eyelid tape. And from what I can guess is your put it on your original eyelid and then somehow the tape is double sided sticky and sticks to 2 sides when you open your eyes so you have the double eyelid look…

Made me look up into this was this SK headcannon I found in le tag: South Korea does not have double eyelids. Because of this, and the fact that appearances and cosmetic surgery are a huge deal in his home, he convinced himself at one point to get double eyelid surgery. However, after about a day, his eyes reverted back to how they were before the surgery, due to nations’ bodies rejecting whatever is usually permanently appearance altering to humans.

(However, he still uses the glue or tape for the double eyelid effect. He uses the tape more though, because of a bad incident with the glue.)


My next question is there’s a glue?!